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Chairman’s Speech

Since its inception, the company, under the business philosophy of “Good Credit, Steady Development”, has stood the test and baptism of the financial crisis, realized healthy, rapid and sustainable development, and won the trust and support of customers, all circles of society and fellow traders at home and abroad. After years of development, the company has made great improvement on business scale, product quality, economic benefit, customer structure, and enterprise process. Moreover, it has built up a team capable of fighting bravely and managing complex market situation, made a management platform in reasonable structure and efficient operation, and set up a set of scientific and normative enterprise system. During its development, it has formed the enterprise culture of being positive, diligent, brave to explore, united and harmonious. All progress will lay a solid foundation for the steady sustainable development of the company in future.
2017  is the second year of the national Thirteen Five-Year Plan. Standing on the new historical starting point, it deeply knows the coexistence of difficulties and challenges, chances and risks. It will always keep the enthusiastic mental status, meticulously organize and deploy production, strengthen management and innovation, save resources and improve efficiency to ensure the orderly proceeding of every part of work. Standing from the present, it maps out strategy and looks forward to the future confidently. This is the era of market economy developing in scope and in depth. Every challenge is an opportunity, and each difficulty is the starting point of success. It believes that it will develop vigorously day by day and go up new steps to make due contributions by means of its honest diligent hard-working spirit and its practice in every storm, as well as the great support of all leaders and departments and the great kindness from all circles of society.
In future, it will depend on the abundant advantages of Xinfa Group in aluminum resources, professional talent and convenient traffic to comprehensively promote enterprise popularity. Excellent enterprise is created by excellent teams, and human creativity is the root of innovation and progress. Xinfa people definitely can develop the company into a first-class enterprise as long as Xinfa people work hard and sedulously, create with utmost effort and dare to struggle in the face of challenges.

Chairman: Sun Pu

JAN 2017