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About Us


Give full play to the resource advantages of aluminum, raise management level, be devoted to becoming a world leader in the field of aluminum alloy hubs, make Xinfa aluminum products the first choice of worldwide retailers and OEM manufacturer with customer-satisfied quality.
Tenet (Mission)
Take sustainable management as the premise, achieve a win-win situation to shareholders, employees and customers, and continue to repay society to promote the development of regional economy.
Innovation is Foundation; Quality is Lift; Being Pragmatic is Key; Benefit is Target.
Straight, United, Responsible, Efficient
Employee Belief & Norm

Attitude is everything.
Right attitude and values are more important than ability.
Treat your occupation as your career.
There is no humble work but humble work attitude.
Accept all aspects of work.

(2) Devotion is the most outstanding work attitude.
Love work wholeheartedly.
More efforts today than yesterday.
Do just a little bit more than others.
Make devotion a habit.
Be devoted and more professional.

Loyal spirit
Loyalty is more important than ability; loyalty is a priceless treasure.
Never betray enterprise secrets.
Be loyal and make achievements.
The biggest beneficiary of being loyal is yourself.

(4) Team spirit
A team without organization is a mass of sand.
There is no perfect individual but perfect team.
Team spirit is necessary at any time.
Personal advantages complement team advantages.
Teamwork can achieve great success.

(5) Work spontaneously
Work is not for others but yourself.

Work hard as usual though leaders are absent.
Don't work just for salary.
Don't just do what leaders instruct you.
Complete task actively and remarkably.

(6) Details decide success or failure.
Understand every detail in work.
Pay attention to details. There is no bagatelle in work.

Try your best for constant improvement and perfection.


(7) Never make any excuse.
No excuse.
No hostile mood in work.
Seek ways to success but never make excuses for failure.
Never fall into the habit of making excuses.

(8) Execution force decides success.
Procrastination is a bad habit.
Move at once.
Have toughness in work.
Get all through action.

(9) Use the best way to improve work efficiency.
First-class talent seeks methods.
There are no unsolvable problems
Don’t leave problems for leaders.
Look for methods actively and use right methods to do right things.

(10) Make more good suggestions for enterprise.
Don't forget to make more good suggestions for your own enterprise at any time.
More suggestions for enterprise can reflect your value better.
Good Suggestions can infinitely benefit yourself and enterprise.

(11) Learn and innovate
Keep learning to keep pace with times.

Lifelong learning achieves ego.
Be the master of work and make innovation everywhere.
Innovative employees are the thrusters of enterprise development.

(12) Live with enterprise
Forever maintain enterprise image.

Don’t just think of your own interests.
Keep high enterprise crisis consciousness at any time.

Be responsible for the prosperity and adversity of enterprise.